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Build a Debt Free Church is one of the most innovative books ever written to assist churches and community organizations to eliminate debt.  It provides a proven spirit filled approach to organizing your congregation in a unified goal to eliminate debts and provide the church with the necessary funds to evangelize the world.

The 90% Rule How To Get Out of Debt And Prosper And Why It’s Important, written by Matthew M. Carter II, Ph.D., is based on his years in Christian ministry and the financial services industry.  As a financial consultant, he was employed with Merrill Lynch, Waddell & Reed, Florida Professional Services Group and the Carter & Associates Law Firm.  This book is also based on his personal experience of being head over heels in debt and how he got out.  Using the biblical principles in this book and sound financial practices he survived bankruptcy and so can you.  The 90% Rule is divided into two parts for your ease of understanding.  In Part I: How To Get Out of Debt and Prosper, he offers an inspirational financial debt elimination management system for you based on his personal experiences.  In Part II: How to obtain Wealth and Prosperity, he provides biblical and practical examples for wealth accumulation and spiritual financial rules to live by.  As an added bonus: Dr. Carter includes a chapter of answers to your most frequently asked financial questions!

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Work Books

The 90% Rule: How To Get Out of Debt And Prosper And Why It’s Important: Work Book, written by Matthew M. Carter II, Ph.D. was developed to provide a practical manual to go with the book of the same name.  It provides a step-by-step method for individuals to write their own financial management plan to get out of debt and organize an investment plan.  This book was developed through divine inspiration from God to set all people free from the bondage of debt and teach them, in a practical manner, how to live a prosperous life.

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For a ministry gift (donation) of at least $25.00, we will send you a copy of The 90% Rule Book and The 90% Rule Work book, postage included, inside the continental U.S.


“I thank God for Pastor Carter for my financial blessing.  I have paid out a few bills and started a savings account”
Annie B. Butler, Gretna, FL

“Congratulations on your book.  I know that God has used you to be a blessing to others through this publication” 
Kim McCoy, Adventura, FL

“This is one of the most straightforward books on getting rid of debt and accomplishing your goals of wealth and success that I have ever read.  I highly recommend it”. 
Al Galasso, Book Dealers World